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Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, we have dedicated our professional lives to the concept that each and every individual is entitled to an equal chance at prevailing in the face of challenges, overcoming adversity and creating a better world for themselves and also for society as a whole.

By acknowledging the fact that circumstances and situations beyond one’s control often place individuals at a true disadvantage when it comes to fulfilling the above objectives, our firm endeavors each and every day to foster greater access to justice, advocate for the underdog and pursue fairness and accountability on behalf of the injured.

In alignment with this guiding philosophy, our firm wishes to announce the establishment of the Preszler Injury Lawyers Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship.

Each year, this award of $500 will be presented to a higher education student who demonstrably embodies the determination, ability and steadfast commitment not only to their own personal success, but also to promoting the greater good for those in need.

Criteria for Scholarship Eligibility

The Preszler Injury Lawyers Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship is made available to anyone currently pursuing a course of study at any duly accredited community or junior college, undergraduate or graduate degree program. High school graduates or GED holders who are about to embark on college-level studies, are also eligible.

Particularly attractive candidates for the award will have the ability to show examples of laudable community service undertaken even in the midst of personal, legal, financial or systemic societal difficulties with which they have been confronted.

Applicants are required to supply proof that they are in good standing with their current institution of higher learning, a status evidenced by attainment of a cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.0.

Application Process

Those wishing to be considered for the scholarship will be required to submit an application cover page along with:

  • An updated resume that includes current contact information and explanation of current educational program level/institution
  • An original written statement of roughly 750 words (Times New Roman, 12-point font preferred) in which the candidate outlines a time period or past circumstance which posed a unique hardship and elucidates the ways in which he or she managed to overcome those obstacles
  • An up-to-date academic transcript (unofficial transcripts will be accepted) from the applicant’s present educational institution; first-year students will be permitted to submit unofficial documents from the most recent institution attended, together with unofficial documentation from their current school

Key Application and Deadline Information

In order for your scholarship application to receive full and fair consideration, please ensure that all required documentation (cover page, transcripts, personal essay and resume) is submitted via email to by the official program deadline of January 31st, 2018.

Email subject lines should be formatted in the following manner: APPLICANT’S FULL NAME – PRESZLER INJURY LAWYERS SCHOLARSHIP. Each portion of the application should be attached to the email as a separate document.

We appreciate your interest in the 2017 Preszler Injury Lawyers Triumphing Over Adversity Scholarship competition. We look forward to learning more about the life experiences that have shaped those destined to become influential and inspirational future leaders.