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When you have suffered serious injuries in an accident, whether in a car, at work, or after falling in a public place, you need a strong advocate on your side. This may be the first time you are considering hiring an Ajax personal injury lawyer, and perhaps you are wondering if there are benefits to doing so. We ask you to think about all you stand to lose if you do not seek professional guidance.

If you are dealing with severe or catastrophic injuries, you will inevitably miss days or weeks of work while you recover, if you can return at all. Then, there are the out-of-pocket expenses for your medical care and keeping up with everyday household bills. This kind of financial hardship can cripple a family, especially when you are the primary earner.

Unless you are educated in the laws surrounding personal injury and possess the skills necessary to navigate the claims process, you will not recognize when you are being treated unfairly by the insurance company.

If the insurance company wrongfully denies your claim by arguing its insured is not at fault or offers to settle your case quickly for much less than what it is worth (i.e., the total amount of your physical, emotional, and financial damage from the accident), it will have to answer to us.

Our firm has successfully prosecuted tens of thousands of personal injury claims. A personal injury lawyer in Ajax at our firm can evaluate your case at no cost or obligation to you. There may be deadlines approaching in your case.

Determining Eligibility

Determining a person’s eligibility to file a personal claim begins with establishing the following:

  • Liability: Who was responsible for causing the accident
  • Injuries: The injuries are a direct result of the accident
  • Damages: The damages are also a direct result of the accident

Damages include a person’s financial losses, which may include wages or the ability to earn them and medical expenses, both existing and future costs. Individuals may also be eligible to recover other damages stemming from the accident such as pain and suffering.

Speaking With Insurance

When the insurance company conducts its investigation of the accident, it will look for evidence to show the injured party was responsible for their own injuries. The insurance adjuster assigned to the case may request a recorded statement from them with the intention of having the individual say something that will allow the insurance company to argue the one injured shares some of the blame for the accident.

The insurance company can later use this conversation against you by taking your statements out of context. Our lawyers can help you handle this interview in such a way that you avoid damaging your claim.

If you sign the Full Medical Records Release form, you allow the insurance company to see your entire medical history. With this information, it could argue your accident injuries were pre-existing conditions. Another form to review with your lawyer is the Settlement Agreement form. You should only sign this form after your lawyer estimates the full scope of your damages and negotiates a fair settlement. For this reason, individuals should work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Ajax who knows how to gather the evidence necessary to support their claim and prove it in court, if required.

Gathering Evidence

The evidence the personal injury attorney collects may include witness testimony, medical records, expert evaluations, exhibits, and illustrations. Once they have the evidence needed to support your claim, they use their experience to effectively communicate your case to the insurance company and negotiate firmly on your behalf for a full settlement.

It benefits insurance companies to settle claims quickly and cheaply. They may not take into account the long-term impact your accident will have on your life. As your personal injury lawyers, we work your case with the big picture in mind. We assemble evidence that tells how your injuries will affect your future well-being and ability to work. Your long-term recovery can be a crucial part of your settlement.

Keep Seeing the Doctor

The lawyers must send a person’s medical records and hospital bills to the insurance company to prove their need for compensation. If the insurance company identifies the individual delayed seeking treatment or did not follow their doctor’s orders, they may take it as a sign of the injuries not being severe. Keeping up with the prescribed treatment shows the insurance company the injuries are genuine.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Let us take the stress out of your personal injury claim by managing everything on your behalf. Our Ajax personal injury lawyers also take the worry out of affording legal help with our contingency fee plan. We do not collect any up-front fees from you and charge nothing until we win your case.

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