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Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer

Skilled injury lawyers work with people that have suffered or are suffering from an injury, both psychological and/or physical, following an accident or incident. Kingston personal injury lawyers are entering their clients’ lives when clients are often vulnerable, frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

During such a difficult time, clients deserve legal representation from advocates that are compassionate, efficient, and communicate effectively.

If you have suffered an injury in Kingston following an accident or injury that you believe was caused by another person, contact a personal injury lawyer that is prepared to provide you with the legal representation that you need.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury

Personal injury law encompasses injuries suffered from motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, birth injuries, and slip and falls, among others. It includes injuries ranging from the more mundane to catastrophic injuries, such as death and dismemberment.

The goal of a Kingston personal injury lawyer and personal injury law, in general, is to make the victim whole again, which includes compensating the injured for damages that they suffered during the accident.

Compensatory damages can include allowing the injured person to recover a financial award for expenses associated with the injury, such as, but not limited to medical expenses and loss of income. Additionally, a secondary goal of personal injury law is to deter others from causing similar injuries. However, damage awards in every case are not necessarily impacted by this. It is more common when the person causing the injury did so willfully or was extremely negligent.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are not an accident victim’s friend. Following an accident, especially a traumatic accident, victims or their families may want to close out a claim with the insurance company as quickly as possible to focus on the important business of healing. Doing so without a Kingston injury lawyer can be harmful.

It is difficult to reach a settlement that is fair to the victim if the party negotiating on behalf of the victim is unclear on the value of their claim. Determining the value of a personal injury claim is an art and a novice can easily overlook important factors.

The victim of a motor vehicle accident on a Kingston highway, who suffered whiplash, may be able to return to work quickly and assume that the insurance company is offering a fair settlement so they accept it quickly. The victim may not have considered that their job requires semi-regular lifting so this type of injury could be aggravated by their current work, making it necessary to leave that employment.

How a Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Kingston accident lawyers regularly perform valuations and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that clients receive the best outcome possible.

Personal injury lawyer in Kingston get to know their clients, review medical records, consult with medical professionals, and ensure that their case valuation is the best estimate based on the individual, not the accident type.

If you have suffered an injury in or around Kingston, Ontario, contact a skilled lawyer today to begin your case.

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