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Accidents happen, but when they occur because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you should not have to pay the price. Oshawa personal injury lawyers help people like you work with the insurance companies to obtain a fair settlement for the full extent of your damages.

Pursuing a personal injury claim is difficult, and the insurance companies put you at a disadvantage with their experience and resources. Experienced personal injury lawyers can work to build your case.

Following an Accident

The actions someone takes in the days following an accident will play a critical role in how someone’s personal injury claim will progress. As soon as they file a claim, the insurance company will be watching to make sure they are truthful about their damages.

To protect the value of their claim, our personal injury attorneys in Oshawa suggest the following steps:

Seek Medical Assistance

The insurance company wants to see proof that they sustained injuries and that their injuries are related to the accident. Therefore, even if they are not in pain, they should see a doctor to make sure they identify injuries and start them on treatment.

People should not skip any appointments or stop treatment before they are told to do so, or else the insurance company might think they are exaggerating their injuries. They should make sure they describe how the injury was sustained eg. slip and fall on ice etc.

Do Not Give Insurance Companies a Statement

Shortly after their accident, the insurance company will contact them to ask about the accident and their injuries. They will ask to record the conversation and question them about how it happened and how it has affected their health and well-being.

These recorded sessions can help the insurance company dig up information they can use against someone’s claim. If the insurance company asks them to give a statement, they need to refer them to their lawyer, who will deal with the insurance company for them.

Do Not Sign any Agreements

The insurance company might offer them a settlement right away before they have had time to assess how the accident has affected them or how much the accident is costing them in medical expenses and lost wages. They should not sign any settlement agreements until they have consulted with an Oshawa personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies rarely consider the full scope of someone’s damages, but experienced lawyers will account for all current damages and help estimate their future damages, so their settlement covers everything possible.

Proving a Claim

When someone works with experienced Oshawa personal injury attorneys, they will take the burden of proving another person’s fault for their accident off their shoulders. Someone’s lawyer investigates the cause of the accident and gathers evidence such as:

  • Police or incident reports
  • Photographs or video of the accident scene
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Medical records
  • Paystubs to demonstrate the full extent of their damages

When the cause of the accident is not immediately apparent, they may enlist an expert in accident reconstruction to analyze the details of the event. In these situations, an expert’s testimony is crucial to proving the cause(s) and who was at fault for the accident.

If there is a possibility their injuries might keep them from working for an extended period, lawyers may also work with medical experts to testify on their client’s behalf regarding their risk of future impairment.

Worth of a Claim

The answers to the following questions help us develop an accurate estimate of the financial and emotional damages the accident has caused you and your family:

  • How much do you owe out of pocket for your medical expenses?
  • How much work have you missed or are expected to miss?
  • Can you return to your previous job?
  • Can you return to work at all?
  • Have your injuries caused you to miss earning opportunities (e.g., raises, promotions, commissions, bonuses)?
  • What impact has the accident had on your mental health and family life?
  • Will your injuries impair your quality of life?
  • Will you require surgery?
  • Will your condition deteriorate over time?
  • How much treatment will you need into the future?

Once Oshawa personal injury lawyers have these estimates and the supporting evidence, they will either sue the at-fault party or they will negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement.

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