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If someone has wronged you through an intentional or negligent act, and you have been injured by their actions, you may wish to file a lawsuit so you can be compensated for those injuries. The decision to file a suit is a big one, but an even bigger decision people often face is whether or not to hire a Welland personal injury lawyer.

In Ontario, it is perfectly legal, although not a good idea, for an individual to represent themselves in court whether it is a criminal or civil case (personal injury cases are always the latter.) It is a practice that is becoming more popular all the time, particularly with civil lawsuits unrelated to personal injury. However, most lawyers, and even judges, do not recommend that any individual goes to court without the help of a skilled injury lawyer.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Personal injury cases are highly complex and a personal injury lawyer in Welland can help people get more successful outcomes in court. It is for this reason that they are so highly recommended anytime a person finds themselves in a dispute. But there are many other reasons individuals should seriously consider contacting a lawyer that can help them.

Expensive Cases

It can be expensive. The main reason people choose to represent themselves in court is because they simply think they cannot afford a lawyer. But in so many cases this is not true. Representing one’s self can quickly become expensive. A person will have to possibly take time off work to find expert witnesses, then pay them for their time, not to mention, lose out on a full and fair settlement for compensation.

Understanding Complexities

Welland personal injury lawyers have spent years educating themselves in all areas of law, and they know those areas inside out. Individuals simply do not have the benefit of this knowledge, and no amount of videos on YouTube or articles on Google will make anyone expert enough to represent themselves.

Handling the paperwork is complex. When filing a lawsuit, certain legal documents must be properly filled out and filed, and there are many of them. Lawyers know how to file and fill out this paperwork accurately, but individuals often do not. When this paperwork is not properly filled out, it can take a lot of extra time in courts. Extra time in courts also means extra money. Pleadings are also highly complex documents and as such, if someone fails to draft the document correctly, they may miss out on damages that could have been obtained.

Best Chance at Compensation

Lawyers give people a better chance at full compensation. The whole reason people file a lawsuit and go to court is because they want to receive compensation for their injuries. But because individuals often do not know what they should be compensated for, or how much, they often take the first amount offered to them, even if it is not a fair offer. A personal injury lawyer in Welland will know this information, and will work hard to get their clients the fairest amount of compensation available.

How a Welland Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Even when people do not hire a lawyer to represent them in court, they should still hire one to advise and guide them before representing themselves. This can provide the best of both worlds to a person filing a lawsuit, but it is still most recommended that individuals hire a lawyer to better help them in court.

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact a Welland personal injury lawyer that can help. A lawyer will fight hard for you, will be on your side if the case goes to court, and can help you get the fullest amount of compensation you may have coming to you.

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