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A Guide to Staying Safe in Ajax

Ajax is the ideal suburb for raising a family. It’s also a great place to live if you love waterside trails, bird watching, or picnics. Plus, it’s wonderfully multicultural and the community is vibrant and friendly. Millennials love it here, and they’ve been flocking here for the affordability, especially those who have plans to get married, have kids, or own a home.   

Unfortunately, like most of Toronto’s suburbs, Ajax is also about as auto-dependent as you can get and as such, there can sometimes be a lot of congestion. That makes it hard to stay safe out there, especially if you’re a pedestrian or for those brave souls who commute by bicycle.  

The good news is, a little awareness goes a long way in the streets, even in peaceful suburbs like Ajax. This guide is for visitors and locals alike — basically, anyone who needs a quick reminder of how to stay accident-free for as long as possible (fingers crossed).

Ajax Offers a Less Hectic Pace of Life (Except When Driving)

Ajax doesn’t technically border the Greenbelt itself but it may as well be right up against the boundary for all the population pressure it’s feeling lately.

The town grew by roughly 10,000 in just five years between 2011 and 2016 for a rate of 9.2%. And while that’s a slowdown in the rate of growth compared to the population boom of the 1970s, it’s still significant enough that people are feeling the strain.

And nowhere do they feel that strain more intensely than during the time when they’re driving.

Driving in Ajax during rush hour has become a struggle — even though within town lines you’ll find an idyllic haven for those who came here to leave city life behind. The key is to be smart about the way you drive and arrive home safe.  

Why It’s Important to be Aware of Driver Safety in Ajax

If you’ve ever missed your GO train because of the traffic on Westney Road, then you know that the one downside of living in Ajax might be traffic congestion. This is an idyllic place to live but tragedies do still occur — some of them traffic-related. Here’s a sampling of some recent terrifying accidents that have occurred right on the streets of Ajax:

  • A woman was without vital signs and later pronounced dead after a two-vehicle collision on Westney Road near where it meets Kingston Road. (January 2019)
  • A car flipped over in the middle of Rossland and Harwood. (March 2019)
  • 27-year-old man killed on Highway 401 near Whitby at Lake Ridge Road when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the car the man was riding in. (May 2013)
  • A car collided with a transport truck and one person was killed, one in critical condition in the hospital. (December 2016)

The Most Dangerous Intersections & Streets in Ajax

Drivers of vehicles need to exercise extra caution when driving anywhere in Ajax but especially the most congested areas. Here’s a list of Ajax’s most dangerous intersections, according to collision frequency rates compiled by top insurance companies in Ontario.

  • Taunton Road
  • Morningside and Lawrence
  • Westney Road S and Fairall Street
  • Taunton Road W and Westney Road
  • Kingston Road near the Highway 401 interchange

Where to Go if You Need Quick Medical Attention in Ajax

Staying alert and being careful are your first line of defence when it comes to staying safe. However, sometimes accidents just can’t be avoided and accidents can happen. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you but in the rare case you do suffer an injury in a motor vehicle accident in Ajax, it’s good to know where to go or who to call. Here’s a quick summary of where you can go right here in town should you require medical attention at some point in the near future in Ajax. They’re listed starting with where to go for the most urgent needs down to clinics where you can seek post-op or rehab services you may need during the weeks or months after an injury has occurred.

Ajax’s Top Hospitals With Emergency Rooms

  • Lakeridge Health – Ajax and Pickering Site. After a few budget scares and cutbacks that resulted in hundreds of jobs lost a decade ago, the Ajax-area hospital is back on track, although operating at full capacity. Occupancy rates typically exceed 100% at the Rouge Valley-Ajax Pickering site, which can and does affect the emergency department (ED). Nevertheless, they do maintain a top-notch ED. Located at 580 Harwood Ave S. and most services are covered by OHIP

Ajax’s Top Walk-In & Urgent Care Clinics

If your injury isn’t life-threatening but you still need medical attention, an urgent care or walk-in clinic may serve your needs. There are clinics and care centers all over town and there are continuously new ones being established or changing hands. That makes it hard to keep a complete and permanent resource of where to go but at the time of printing, the following clinics and centres were available to anyone who needed care.

  • Ajax Family Care Centre.  They have the advantage of offering later hours than many other clinics, which are typically open only during business hours. Ajax Family Care Centre is open until 8 PM some nights. Other days, however, they close at 2 PM and they are closed Friday through Sunday. It’s best to call ahead for up-to-date information on their hours.  Located near the intersection of Kingston Road and Harwood Avenue South. There is an on-site pharmacy.
  • Doctors Urgent Care & Family Medicine. What distinguishes this clinic is that they are open seven days per week and during the week they are open until 8 PM. Located on Morningside Ave in Kingston in Kingston. Although technically not in Ajax, Doctors Urgent Care is close enough to the Ajax border to be convenient for residents of Ajax and those passing through who need urgent care.
  • Ajax Children’s After Hours Walk-In Clinic. Obviously for children only but useful hours during the week: 5:30 PM to 8 PM and for two hours in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays, making this a viable option for families with kids who need medical attention after an accident. They do mention on their website that people should call ahead for closing times before going there.
  • Harwood Medical Centre. Open until 7 PM during the week and closed on weekends and holidays. They have the wonderful new feature called “Skip the Waiting Room” where patients can register online and then arrive at the clinic once their appointment is nearing.
  • Westney Heights Medical Centre. Open until 8 PM Monday – Friday and reasonably convenient hours on Weekends: 8 AM to 4 PM, among the better offerings for medical centres in Ajax. There is a walk-in clinic in addition to spine services and other appointment-only services. You do not need an appointment in order to see a medical professional in the walk-in clinic. They cake OHIP Cards but if you do not have insurance you can simply pay $60 to see someone.  
  • The Baywood After Hours Medical Clinic. On Bayly Street, they speak Cantonese in addition to English. It’s an after-hours clinic, open starting at 6 PM during the week and until 9 PM. On weekends, the hours are 10 AM to 2 PM.
  • ZMC Medical Centre. This is a walk-in clinic and family practice and now has dedicated women’s clinic and travel clinic as well.  Locals will be pleased to know that ZMC is fully engaged in making sure patient records are up-to-date by using Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Located on Harwood Avenue North, ZMC Medical Centre offers laceration repair, wound care, orthotics, and more.  An ‘uninsured visit’ costs $100 and can be paid for through the ZMC website using your credit card

Physiotherapy Clinics in Ajax

From acupuncture to chiropractic to massage therapy, the physiotherapists in and around Ajax offer much more than just basic physiotherapy services. Here are a few of the many physiotherapy offices in town.

  • Healing Touch. Specializing in MVA Rehabilitation (Motor Vehicle Rehab), Healing touch offers a thorough evaluation plus customized treatment plans that may include a wide variety of therapeutic services. These may or may not include Kinesiology, Chiropractic, and/or Massage therapy. Go here for fractures, back pain, whiplash, deconditioning, post-op rehab, headaches after an accident, and cognitive impairment.
  • Ajax Rehabilitation Centre
  • North Ajax Rehab
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy
  • Reactivate PhysioTherapy & Massage Inc


A Final Word

We hope that when you think of Ajax you continue to remember this as one of the most idyllic towns along the Golden Horseshoe area. Homes are beautiful, the parks are gorgeous, and the people are wonderful. A little congestion isn’t enough to ruin a town like Ajax, but it does pay to know how to stay safe. We hope this guide has helped you become more aware of the sticky points in the network of Ajax’s roads and streets, and if you ever suspect that an accident is the fault of someone else, we can help there too. Give us a call and we can help determine whether you have a personal injury case.