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Guide to Accident Benefits

Download Our Free Guide to Accident Benefits in Ontario and Staying Afloat While You Recover

Do you know how much you are entitled to collect in the event of an accident that results in serious injury or the death of a loved one? Usually, after an accident your attention is on healing and recovering – not your financial needs. However, this is an important question many victims and their families don’t focus on until the bills start to come in.


Don’t miss out on this easy-to-understand guide to your rights to Accident Benefits:

  • Applying and eligibility for Accident Benefits
  • Accident Benefits and compensation for workers and non-earners
  • Accident Benefits and compensation for caregivers of others
  • Accident Benefits for medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Accident Benefits for death and funeral payments
  • Catastrophic impairment
  • 7 rules to follow when filing a claim for Accident Benefits