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John D. Philp LL.B.

Prior to joining Preszler Law Firm as a personal injury lawyer, I represented large insurance companies for several years.  I was entrusted to work on high exposure, complex claims involving motor vehicle accidents, statutory accident benefits, slip and falls, product liability, medical malpractice, long-term disability benefits, death benefits, and property damage from water and fire.

I have transferred the skills I learned while working for the insurance companies into a successful, thriving personal injury practice. The inside knowledge I gained while working for the insurance companies has helped me become a highly effective advocate for my clients.  I have the ability to quickly assess a personal injury claim and know how the insurance company will respond.

Since becoming a personal injury lawyer, I no longer represent insurance companies, I represent people.  I pride myself on helping my clients get justice and an excellent result.  I always make myself available to my clients and I am responsive to their needs.  The aftermath of a personal injury accident is stressful and the uncertainty can be frightening.  I make sure the process is as seamless and easy as possible.

I have a wide array of experience including several successful trials and appearances at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeal. I put this experience to work for my clients to get them the best possible result.

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