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Julie Kern

Working in personal injury litigation, Julie strives to help her clients with the challenges they face when they are seeking fair compensation. She realizes that clients are often confused, frustrated and anxious when facing the prospect of dealing with the legal system; therefore she makes it a priority to ensure that her clients understand the legal issues that will decide their cases.  Her previous experience in the film/theatre industry has provided her with a well rounded skill set, including knowing how to handle a difficult situation in the Courtroom.

To gain valuable international experience, Julie moved across the pond to London, England where she obtained her Bachelor of Laws, Honours from Kingston University London in 2011. During her time abroad, she was an executive member of the University Law Association, and Student Liaison to the Law School Executive Board. Julie was also selected to represent her university at the International Mediation Competition, where she and her colleagues were awarded “Best New Team”.  When she wasn’t studying, Julie was working part time as a TV and Film extra, and met some of the most revered actors, directors and writers in the industry.

Julie has appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, and before several administrative bodies, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.  She also assists her clients with private settlements and mediations.

Julie joined Preszler Injury Lawyers in 2018.