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Plenty of Canadians exhilarate in the rush of speed and sheer sense of freedom they get from riding a motorcycle. While the thrill is surely undeniable, so are the substantial dangers motorcyclists face each time they hit the road.

When another party’s negligence causes a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries, lasting impairment or worse, a good Toronto motorcycle accident lawyer is prepared to aggressively pursue maximum available compensation.

For those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident or a Vespa accident, our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers have represented thousands of people who have suffered serious injuries and helped them obtain compensation.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Toronto

Statistics taken from Transport Canada’s National Collision Database reveal that fatalities and serious injuries among motorcyclists are on the rise. While certainly troubling, such outcomes are not necessarily surprising, given the limited visibility, comparative physical instability and lack of protective enclosure for riders as opposed to those who drive passenger cars.

Considering the varied conditions and circumstances under which motorcycle riders embark on their travels, it stands to reason that the dynamics underlying subsequent crashes tend to be similarly diverse. However, there are a few scenarios that seem to reappear with troubling regularity, causing untold pain and suffering to those involved.

Lane Changes and Other Collisions

One fact pattern known for producing a notable number of motorcycle accidents develops when a passenger car or truck driver makes a dangerous lane change, collides with the back of a motorcycle at a stoplight or simply fails to pay attention, ultimately cutting off the motorcyclist’s otherwise clear stretch of road. In cases of this type, it may be that bad judgment, driver distraction, impairment due to drugs or alcohol or a combination of the above are to blame.

Poorly Designed Equipment

Other motorcycle-involved crashes can be the end result of defectively manufactured or designed equipment, whether embodied by mechanical problems with the motorcycle itself or by failures of safety equipment intended to protect the rider from harm.

In such situations, it may be possible to pursue compensation from the maker of the faulty product and perhaps those involved in distributing and/or selling it. There may also be instances in which the condition of the roadways themselves are found to be a contributing factor to serious harm stemming from a motorcycle accident.

Harmful Roadways

Negligently engineered or poorly maintained public thoroughfares can give rise to claims against a range of entities that may include contractors, governmental bodies, and others charged with taking care of the streets motorists of all stripes are meant to share and safely traverse.

Injuries Suffered by Toronto Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can often be fatal. For those who do manage to survive them, their injuries can range from severe head trauma to other common consequences, such as the following:

  • Back and neck trauma leading to paralysis
  • Permanent muscle damage
  • Lasting nerve damage
  • Multiple broken bones
  • Road rash/abrasions and subsequent skin infection
  • Severe foot injuries resulting in loss of mobility

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Securing Accident Benefits from Insurance

Though the law requires motorcycle riders throughout Toronto to maintain an appropriate level of insurance coverage in order to operate their vehicles, that is not to say that the process of obtaining the accident benefits will always be easy or straightforward.

Insurance carriers often have an inherent bias against motorcycle owners, believing that their decision to travel in this way somehow diminishes their entitlement to make a claim for compensation. Further, insurance adjusters are first and foremost employees of the carrier, and as such, have a vested interest in keeping payouts as low as possible.

As a result, accident victims with legitimately compensable losses often find themselves fighting an uphill battle unless they have the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Toronto motorcycle accident lawyer at the ready following a motorcycle accident.

Tort Claims Against At-Fault Parties

As helpful as accident benefits can be in the difficult aftermath of a serious motorcycle crash, there are times when compensation available through such channels is wholly inadequate to cover the losses sustained due to another party’s negligent acts or omissions on the road. When this is the case, a tort action against an at-fault driver may be advisable. A seasoned Toronto motorcycle injury lawyer can offer the analysis and strategies needed to pursue the most effective course of action.

When establishing damages in a motorcycle crash case, thorough and accurate documentation is critical. Victims should collect all records pertaining to medical testing and treatment, therapy, rehabilitation services and out-of-pocket health expenditures.

Assembling information regarding lost wages, changes in work tasks able to be performed and other types of losses can help demonstrate the true amount of compensation to which a victim is entitled.

How a Toronto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Like most injury claims, those related to motorcycle crashes are highly fact-specific and require meticulous documentation, witness accounts whenever available and expert testimony. Thus, victims need to align themselves with a lawyer able to access a vast network of physicians, engineers, accident reconstruction professionals and others who can clearly explain and quantify what happened and what has been lost by the claimant. Marshaling evidence of this type makes a substantial difference in a victim’s ability to secure a beneficial settlement or trial outcome.

The legal representation provided by Preszler Law is designed to provide seriously injured individuals with the peace of mind they need and deserve in the midst of trying times. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.